About This Site

The index has been created as my Millenium Project to provide family researchers with access to BDM notices in the local newspapers for Wellington, Wanganui, and Taranaki.

The date on which the notice was published is shown for each entry.

If you want to see a copy of the notice(s) related to an entry or entries, please e-mail me with details of the entries.

Should you wish to see a copy of a notice that is not in this Index (prior to 2000), please e-mail me with details of the required notice including the approximate date, and I will endeavour to obtain a copy for you.

The information contained on this web site has been compiled from publicly published records for the purposes of genealogical and family research.

While every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, it is entered manually from newsprint, and as such, is subject to human error. If you see that an entry has inaccuracies, or is missing, then please e-mail me and I will make the necessary corrections.

Please remember that the notices published in the newspaper are subject to the knowledge of the person submitting the information for publication. For example, the person may not know about all the marriage and children details of the deceased person, or could have chosen not to include some of the details.

Please use the index and the notices as a guide only – always check the official documents and cross check to other sources.

The Birth certificate is one of your most valuable documents in genealogical research. While giving you the accurate date and place of birth of the child, it will also show the names and ages of the parents of the child, which will move you back to the previous generation. The parents’ ages may vary relative to their respective Birth certificate DOBs.

The Marriage certificate is the most reliable document for the date and place of marriage, and will provide the ages of the bride and groom, the parents’ names, and the names of witnesses. However, the ages may vary relative to their Birth certificate DOBs.
The Death certificate is the most reliable document for information about the death date, place, and cause of death, and will also indicate the birth date, parents’ names, and other useful information. But again, please remember that this information is supplied by a third party and may not always be accurate – missed marriages, missed children, wrong age, etc.

The Index is here to help point you in a potentially fruitful research direction.