Choosing the right sciatica treatment option

Sciatica is caused by the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It’s a nerve which originates from any of the sides of the lower back and passes through the pelvis and down the back of the legs before dividing across the knees into other branches.

When something puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, the pain can be felt through all the above mentioned parts of the body. The kind of pain which one experiences due to sciatica can vary to quite an extent. While some people feel a mild, dull ache others might find themselves experiencing a sharp shooting pain which travels from their back to their legs. It can also cause numbness or a tingling sensation.

There are several things which might cause the pain to worsen. These include prolonged sitting position, coughing or sneezing repetitively or general strain as well. The following treatments can help manage sciatica:


Sciatica treatment options

Some treatment options prescribed by doctors include


Sciatica treatment through medication

Doctors might recommend the following medications for sciatica treatment:

  • Over the counter pain medications like acetaminophen, aspirin or NSAID’s.
  • Muscle relaxants which would help release the muscular tension due to pinched nerves.
  • Anti-depressants which can help counter chronic pain
  • Special main medication required for more severe pain

Children younger than eighteen years of age shouldn’t be give aspirin under any circumstances. Sometimes when all the above mentioned medications fail to provide relief, patients are administered steroid injections around the site of actual pain.


Sciatica treatment through physical therapy

People who suffer from sciatica often find it difficult to stay active or even at times go about their daily chores. Despite this doctors do not prescribe bed rest as a mode of treatment. Rather they would suggest different kind of physical exercises. Also managing sciatica is easier when certain movements are avoided.

Special physical therapy which comprises of specific exercises can help reduce the pain to a certain extent. These exercises condition the body in such a way that it prevents the pin from coming back.

It should be kept in mind that the exercises suggested should be designed specifically for treatment of sciatic pain. Also patients should make sure that they follow the exercises exactly a have been suggested by the doctor.


Alternative treatment options

There are people who may find relief through alternative treatments like acupuncture and bio feedback. The aim of these alternative treatment is to provide relief from pain without the use of drugs or medications. Often when all else fail, people usually revert to these treatment methods. Bio feedback refers to a technique which makes it possible for people to condition their bodily functions, acupuncture on the other hand, is a treatment which makes use of fine needles. These are then inserted into specific positions and in turn help restore the proper movement of energy throughout the body.


Not everyone who suffers from sciatica needs to undergo surgery. However, in cases which are difficult to manage or the pain is unbearable, it is often considered as a last resort.

If you want to know where to get sciatica treatment, make sure you talk to a physician for treatment options.