Things you should know about a Perth chiropractor

Are you mystified about the role played by a Perth chiropractor? Don’t worry because you are not alone. What a chiropractor does is still not understood by a lot of people.

The simple explanation for a chiropractor is a doctor who takes care of any kind of bone, muscle or joint pain. However, it’s best to tell your doctor about any chronic or acute pain you’re experiencing to rule out any serious medical issues that require other forms of treatment.

They do not prescribe medications

Many people want to relieve pain by taking a pill. Chiropractors cannot prescribe medication but they can recommend a more positive approach to achieve optimum levels of health through lifestyle changes and the application of chiropractic techniques.

The things a chiropractor can do include:

  • Recommend the right stretches and exercises to restore and maintain range of motion and mobility
  • Use soft-tissue therapy to release tension in the connective tissue surrounding every muscle, relax tight muscles, and relieve muscle spasms
  • Apply joint taping or bracing to support sprained muscles or joints for faster healing
  • Make the necessary adjustments to increase range of motion and realign joints
  • Refer patient to other medical experts to get proper guidance on nutrition and diet as a way to promote weight loss and reduce inflammation

One of the most common side effects of a chiropractic adjustment is the soreness of the muscles. The soreness generally goes away after 48-72 hours.

Neck and back pain relief is not their only expertise

It’s not only neck and back pain that chiropractors are trained and specialised to do. Pain in areas of the body from the knees and ankles, elbows and wrists, jaws and head, and pelvis and hips can be helped by a chiropractor.

The root of the problem is treated when a chiropractor looks at the whole musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic treatment ensures that the surrounding muscles and joints are all moving properly.

The complementary role played by chiropractors after pain has been evaluated by your doctor includes:

  • Shoulder pain – persistent pain in the shoulder that does not show any problem in an MRI scan will make the chiropractor assess the muscles around the shoulder blade. The ribs will also be evaluated as any restriction in them prevents the proper movement of the shoulders.
  • Painful foot condition of plantar fasciitis – The possible causes of painful foot can stem from issues with the lower back or knees. Chiropractors will ensure the mobility of the foot before moving upward to find the real cause of the disorder.

They advocate prevention rather than cure

Long –term restoration of health is the main goal of chiropractors. They will be asking you a lot of questions about the positions you assume when you sleep or your movements during the day.

Future mobility problems are prevented from happening when you learn the proper position of sitting, standing, moving, and sleeping. The chiropractor will also recommend the proper stretches to incorporate into your daily routine to maintain long-term flexibility and mobility.

It’s pretty simple to understand all the things a chiropractor can do for you. Simply put, chiropractors are the medical professionals that take care of your body’s strains, aches, creaks, and pains. Break away from pain and discomfort by booking trusted chiropractic services right away.