5 Proven Tactics To Increase Life Expectancy

Who doesn’t want to live forever? What individual doesn’t want to experience as much life as he can before succumbing to the dark womb of death (or bright white landscapes and cotton candy clouds to bounce on while an angel awaits at the gates of heaven)?.  

While immortality hasn’t been discovered yet, or if it has – hasn’t been made public knowledge yet, the next best thing is to try to have a long, healthy and full life. So here are 5 proven tactics to increase your life expectancy;


People who are conscious of their health and body live by how effective walking can be. Apart from being extremely healthy for the body, walking is also a great exercise for the mind. It’s said that walking for about half an hour 2-3 days of the week can help you mentally feel younger by 10 years. It also keeps your bones and joints moving and makes sure you don’t rust ! Personal trainers geelong can also design light exercise plans for you to follow throughout the week. 

Eating Healthy

This is an obvious one. Eating healthy is as important as exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat has to be balanced in nutrients such that it provides your body with the most amount of energy as well as create an effective immune system to fight against exterior elements. If your diet is unhealthy, your immune system is going to be too busy fighting against internal issues instead of warding of external diseases.


With the kind of routine and indoor jobs most people have in the modern world, it is almost impossible to absorb the amount of vitamins necessary to keep a body effectively healthy. A lot of people, especially women have a deficiency of vitamin D and iron as well as an alarming lack of calcium in their bones. It’s important you ask your dietician to prescribe you vitamins and supplements suited to your body.

Staying Happy

Our mind has a big impact on how our body works. Having both a healthy body and mind works a long way in increasing the life span of an individual. It is common knowledge that stress and constant worrying takes years off your life and makes you grow old faster. So to counter that, make sure you have a positive outlook on life, you spend time with family and friends and try to stay as happy as you possibly can.

Discipline and Routine

Having a proper routine and disciplined life are under-rated when it comes to increasing life expectancy. When your body is used to a timeline, it can better predict and protect itself from exterior elements because it’s already well settled in its environment. Because hey, a little consistency never hurt anybody!