What To Look For In A Tattoo Studio In Gold Coast

Are you planning to get inked? If so, finding the right tattoo studio is one of the most important things you need to do first. A tattoo is a mark that will stay on your body forever. Hence, it is only right that you find the right studio to have it done. There are many tattoo studios in the Gold Coast, and choosing which one to visit to get a tattoo is not the easiest considering that all of them are promising almost the same thing. Just to help you get started, below are some of the things you need to look for in a tattoo studio

To start with, below are some of the things you need to look for in a tattoo studio:


Choose a tattoo studio that has a professional and relaxed vibe

Give them a call or send them an email and consider how they give their answers. Are they kind or polite? Do they seem interested in speaking with you? Give the shop a quick visit and feel how comfortable you are as you step into the shop. Do you feel comfortable, or do you feel like you are on the edge? Did they welcome you as you get into the shop? Did it take them time to get to know you? All these little things are important to assess how professional they are and how serious they are in providing services to their customers.

Note: Getting a tattoo is painful, and not being able to get it in the most comforting manner will just add pain and suffering as the tattoo is being completed.


Cleanliness and sterility are highly important in a tattoo shop. Choose a tattoo shop that is as clean as a dental clinic and a surgeon’s operating room. Make sure that all their tubes and needles are sterilised, individually packaged, and disposable. Their machines must be tested, sterilised, and maintained regularly.

Observe how they use and dispose of their gloves, how they apply ointment, how they disinfect, shave skin, and the like. This may take much of your time, but it would help a lot as you make your final decision. The cleanliness should not only go with the artists but their helpers and the entire shop as well.

Know their tattoo artists

Make sure that you get to know their artists and speak to the one who will do the actual work on your skin. It is important that their artists are not only credible and reliable but also certified and insured. Make sure that you get along well with their tattoo artists, because if not, choosing another shop may be required.

Consider the shop’s location

Where is their shop located? Make sure that the shop is accessible both to public and private transportation. Most of the tattoos, particularly those that are larger in size, require a few sessions to finish, and to give yourself a hard time all the time you need to go back to their shop is not the most ideal.

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